Executive Wine Education

What they should have taught you in business school

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Learn the Executive Essentials of Wine:

    • Key regions of the world

    • The grapes of varying regions

    • Typical flavors and aromas of different wines

    • How to pair different wines with food

    • Iconic bottles to know from varying regions

As you read the book you will be referred to the relevant wine education videos on to supplement your learning experience.


You don’t have to know everything about wine…

But as an executive, you should know the essentials.


What Are Readers Saying About Executive Wine Education:


      “Wine is a world unto itself and its easy to get caught up in the minutiae & haughtyness. This book is an excellent primer … consider it an executive summary for people who need to be able to converse in wine but honestly don’t need to be able to explain the difference between Oakville and Rutherford cabs (east or west of the Napa River? bench or along the floor? blah, blah).

If you don’t have the time or interest to become a wine snob (and please don’t), then this is where you should start your short education. I suggest following this book up by simply buying a few wines from some of the important regions discussed and then it will all come alive for you. Also carefully read the etiquette section and I guarantee you, this book will make you look “wine smart” enough that your business colleagues likely will want to turn the conversation to real business since they’re faking really knowing anything about wine themselves!”


      “This is a great resource for me and, I believe, for anyone who needs a to-the-point, structured and easy-to-understand guide to wine education. This body of knowledge is an essential must-have for people in client-servicing/facing roles like myself. You never know when it will come in handy. When reading this great book, it reminded me of the movie – Yes Man – featuring Jim Carrey. In this movie, Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) seizes every opportunity to learn new things – Korean, guitar, flying etc. – to advance his ilfe. Eventually, all these dots connected and served him well in his life. Wine education, to me, is just like one of these dots, waiting to be connected.

I would also encourage readers to watch Sean’s presentations on the related website as I find that such a parallel mode enhances my understanding and internalization of the wide body of knowledge effectively and quickly.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who desires a top-class wine education!”


      “I enjoyed this book. I’m currently studying to become a CSW and have a degree in marketing and I found the book to be concise and educational. I really liked the online links in my e-reader that allowed me to watch the video accompanying each chapter.”


      “I bought this book to learn more about wine, since I am a novice. Even though it is aimed at executives in order for them to be educated about the wines and know how and what to order when entertaining clients, I found that it really gave me a good idea about the different kinds of wines and what I may like to try. Good book, worth the read!”


      “How many books about wine do you have to read to select the right one, talk about wine like a connaisseur and invest a minimum of time (and money) to come to grips with the red and white? One – this one to be precise. It’s compressed know-how, easy to read and straight to the point without wine-esoteric fillers. Well structured, easy to navigate, a reference book for the busy executive who has plenty of other things on his/her plate (besides the dinner).”

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